Stocknation Review

Stocknation is a cloud-based software that comes with a huge collection of Stock Videos, photos, and other media assets that almost any online business would need.

In this review, we’re going to walk you through each and every feature that this tool comes with and eventually help you to decide whether this is the right choice for you.

What is StockNation?

Stocknation is a cloud-based software that has a Premium Collection of more than 30,000 stock videos and video stickers that are directly editable inside the software itself.

Why do stock videos matter?

Social media platforms have started to prioritize Videos more than any other form of content. 

Whether you want to entertain, communicate or sell, you need to create videos. 

Videos that catch your audience’s attention..

Videos that are High Quality..

Videos that are posted frequently..

To accomplish a task like this, you’d need a production crew and a pretty big budget. 

Stock Videos are the perfect alternative that can make your life a lot easier.

Stocknation has a collection of more than 30,000 stock videos which will let you create amazing videos without making a hole in your pocket.

Features worth having a look..

30,000+ Stock Videos

Stocknation boasts a huge collection of HD Stock Videos that comes in a wide variety of choices. For every situation, you can easily find multiple videos and choose which one fits your needs.

High-Quality Stock Videos enable you to go viral and rank higher on YouTube and eventually dominate your niche.

Searchable videos via category

Navigating through all the videos and finding the perfect one is a breeze inside stocknation. All the videos are categorized into smart groups that makes it really easy to find the exact video that you need.

Video Stickers

Stocknation comes with a gigantic collection of Amazing Video Stickers in 50+ Different Niches. You can easily add these Premium Stickers to give a WOW factor with every Video.

Video stickers add a modern look to your videos instantly and make them more visually appealing and let users take the desired action.

Background Removal

Now you can remove the background of any image using Stocknation Suite, with the help of the latest machine learning tech this highly requested feature was made possible.

Many designers like to use just the subject from the stock photo and doing that from a raw photo was time-consuming and tough. But with this feature getting added in Stocknation Suite, you can easily remove the background from any stock photo on the go and use it as you like.

Drag & Drop Video Editor

Stocknation makes video creation one more step easier with its versatile in-built editor. The drag and drop editor is really powerful and feature-rich.

Be it a few secs long social media video or a minute-long video ad for your brand, this inbuilt editor was able to handle it all.

Ultra-Fast Rendering Engine

The rendering engine makes sure that your video gets ready within a matter of minutes no matter how long it is or the no. of media elements included in the video.

I tried using some mainstream editing software but as the videos were really high quality, renders took time and that’s perfectly normal. But, I was really surprised how fast the rendering was with the inbuilt editor in the stocknation suite.

StockNation VS Other Similar Websites

While using Stock Video websites on the internet, you either choose from the very limited FREE options or pay $100’s to get just one video. Forget about other elements like stock photos, music, and stickers.

Stocknation is a complete suite that contains everything that a video creator needs.

You don’t even need to have expensive Video Editing software to edit these videos, a feature-packed editor is included inside Stockation Suite. You will surely not find this on any other Stock video website.

Final Verdict

Marketers and advertisers have been spending a hell of lot of money on videos, this clearly shows where the trend is going.

Being able to create breathtaking videos will be a superpower you need to possess in 2021 and beyond and that’s exactly what Stocknation Suite will help you to do.

There are quite a lot of stock video websites on the internet, but I didn’t find anything that can come close to Stocknation.

I’d highly recommend you to get this tool and create videos that can turn heads and stop fingers.

The people at Stocknation are running a special offer where you can access the entire Stocknation Suite at a really low one time offer. Check it out here.